to Unravel the secrets of cancer will help the volcanoes

to Unravel the secrets of cancer will help the volcanoesScottish scientists announced the beginning of an unusual research whose aim is the study of the mechanism of development of malignant tumors. Unusually it is primarily the fact that the objects for study, the researchers chose: primitive arthropods that live in the craters of volcanoes and other "extreme" dwellings. Your choice of the researchers explain very simply. In order to survive in conditions of high temperatures, organisms must have a powerful recovery systems genetic information, or they simply die from fatal mutations. As well as DNA and the genetic code is universal for all living beings, then, studying the protective systems of these high-temperature organisms, it is possible to study how human cells are protected from mutations leading to cancer development. Thus the fact that the genome of these arthropods consists of only 3000 genes, while the human genome presents 30 thousands of genes, according to scientists, plays virtually no role. Читать полностью -->

The defibrillator Primedic ECO-

The defibrillator Primedic ECO-Built-in battery, external defibrillation, LCD monitor, 3 channel ECG, printer - 1 channel. Manufacturer: Spiraled Country: Russia City: Moscow Price: Euro 6509.0 The field of medicine: Anesthesia and resuscitation equipment Description: Defibrillators PRIMEDIC quick When the self test is constantly checked -unit high-voltage -charging period -precision power level -battery status Icons and zamorozhennyy process program provides reliable manual control Automatic functions protect from improper management Diagnosis within seconds and error-free service All connectors are protected by the hull shape The weight of the defibrillator, including spoon electrodes and the battery does not exceed 8,5 kg Shock plastic case protects the instrument in extreme conditions Exceptional instrument for reliability in medicine Worldwide proven more than 10,000 devices. Extremely cheap defibrillator with monitor running on the battery. Convincing advantages: A clear layout of controls Flat body which is protected connectors and power cables Memorizing the last 10 defibrillate The high-resolution printer High-contrast LCD display, rotating at 30 degrees Synchronous/asynchronous mode 3-channel electrocardiogram, 1 channel print electrocardiogram Long time battery health (approximately 2.5 hours of monitoring or 60 shocks) Charging time - 5 seconds to 260 Joules. Specifications: Mode synchronous or asynchronous, external defibrillation Energy levels 10, 20, 50,100, 160, 200, 250, 360 j (50 Ohm) The number of digits 70 discharges at 360 joules The charging time is 5 seconds to 360 joules Electrodes built-in adults and children The monitor 100 Г— 80 mm, diagonal - 125 mm with a resolution of 320x240 pixels Output reflection: sensitivity, signal systole, heart rate, lead, boundary values The thermal printer 1 channel, 8 bit, rate is 25.50 mm/s width, paper 57 mm Power 100-120 V 50/60 Hz 200-240 V 50/60 Hz 12/24 (car battery) Battery 14.4V B/l,4A.4/NiCd Dimensions HH cm Weight 8.5 kg Security 11 STI BF, group 1 (ES 601) Conditions of operation 0... 50 В° C, relative humidity 30... Читать полностью -->

New disease "finger iPod" is rapidly spreading around the world

New disease British doctors warn about the emergence of a new disease, which they call "finger iPod". The syndrome of finger iPod" like pain that occasionally arise fans to send text messages from mobile phones and passionate fans of video games. The user controls the iPod, swiping his thumb over the sensitive wheel on the front panel. Some patients report pain in the brush, and sometimes about the difficulty of the movements of the elbow and neck. "Music devices are very popular, and owners of press tight little buttons with the same finger, repeating the same movement," said Carl Irwin of the British Association of manual therapy. - The essence of modern technology suggests that such devices will become less and less, and I wouldn't be surprised if the corresponding damage to hands and fingers will be the most common form of the syndrome, repetitive movements". Читать полностью -->

Preparing patients for x-ray study of the bronchi, trachea and chest

Preparing patients for x-ray study of the bronchi, trachea and chestHow is the preparation of the patient for bronhografii? Bronhografiya is an x-ray of bronchi and trachea using contrast agents. During preparation check the sensitivity of the patient to iodine preparations, exercise postural-tion bronchial drainage, prescribe expectorants, Bron-harashima funds antibiotics. Before the procedure subcutaneously injected atropine, if necessary, pipolphen, seduxen. What are the characteristics of the procedure? Bronchography performed under General anesthesia or local anesthesia. After treatment for 3 hours the patient is not given there. Catheters for administration of contrast medium is sterilized by boiling. Читать полностью -->

medical Insurance for a month will make profitable

medical Insurance for a month will make profitableThe Russian government has decided to expedite the finalization of the draft law on mandatory health insurance, reports "Interfax". The document, as suggested by the Deputy Minister of economic development Mikhail Dmitriev, will allow us to 2008 to eliminate the deficit of the system by three sources: the Federal and regional budgets and the unified social tax. As reported by Dmitriev, one month later the law will be finally ready. During this period the government office to finalize the issues of co-financing of health services from the Federal budget, insurance of unemployed population in individual subjects of the Federation and the role of the unified social tax in the MHI. Also not yet decided how the insurance companies will be allowed to work in the system. According to the new law on local self-government, to participate in the system can count only Russian citizens, stateless persons may rely on it only if there were agreement on this matter with the state of the CIS," said Dmitriev. Читать полностью -->

American doctors are looking for volunteers for face transplantation

American doctors are looking for volunteers for face transplantationAmerican doctors are looking for volunteers for face transplantation American doctors are looking for a volunteer to conduct the first in the history of medicine transplant surgery of the face. Dr. Maria Semenova, an American of Polish descent, and her colleagues at the Cleveland clinic are ready to spend a 15-hour surgical marathon. Developed Semenova method from a donor, which uses the body is just a dead man, transplanted skin, nerves, blood vessels and subcutaneous fat of the face. Postoperative healing, according to the doctor, and will not take more than two weeks, the main problem that will be faced recipient - reaction of rejection of foreign tissues. It is not excluded, emphasizes Semenova that person would have until the end of life to drink expensive medications that suppress the immune system. Читать полностью -->

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