Smoking costly women

Smoking costly womenThe day of reckoning is yet to come, but the prognosis is very disturbing. "Among French women of the epidemic-related consequences of Smoking, is only the beginning, says Catherine Hill Annes and the Laplanche from the Institute Gustave-Roussy in the latest issue of the Weekly epidemiological Bulletin is devoted to Smoking. However, in 2025. cancer of the bronchi, likely to die as many women in France, how many of them die from breast cancer". This is not the only bad news. In a themed room, released three days before the world day to combat Smoking, weekly results summary epidemiological data. They grieve. From the area in France die 66 thousand people. In 1999. 91% of all deaths from lung cancer (19 thousand) were "the result of Smoking". Among the men who died aged 35 to 69 years, one third are victims of tobacco. Among women, this percentage is 1/16. "In France, Smoking is more of a cause of early mortality than mortality among the elderly", - underline Catherine Hill Annes and the Laplanche. "Since when part of the population starts to smoke regularly, and until that moment, how are the effects of Smoking on health, it takes about 30 years," noted the authors. And promise: the day will come when everyone will ask why the anti-Smoking campaign has been so ineffective.".

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