Psychoorganic syndrome

Psychoorganic syndromePSYCHOORGANIC SYNDROME (organic psychosyndrome) - the state of mental weakness due to organic brain damage (due to traumas, intoxications, infections, vascular and other diseases). In the most mild form psychoorganic syndrome is an asthenic condition with weakness, increased exhaustion, emotional lability, unstable focus, lower efficiency. In more severe cases, there are psychopathic personality changes, mainly in the form of irritability, explosion, propensity to disporum. Physical illness, mental injury dramatically worsen the condition of patients. Possible hysterical attacks. In severe forms of psychoorganic syndrome in the first place is an intellectual-mnestic decrease, reaching the degree of dementia. Along with memory decline narrowed range of interests, criticism is lost. The mood may be a lightly-complacent (euphoria) rastormozheniem drives or indifferent and apathetic to the loss of motives and aspontaneity..

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