IBM Employees accused the company of deliberately poisoning carcinogens

IBM Employees accused the company of deliberately poisoning carcinogensOctober in California scheduled a hearing on the suit of two former employees of the factory hard drives IBM, who accuse their employer of poisoning their carcinogenic substances, according to Reuters. Version affected, at the factory they were exposed to harmful chemicals, which was known to the manual IBM, but not reported to the staff. A similar lawsuit has already been filed by the employee of the company Maria Santiago (Maria Santiago) and the relatives of the deceased from cancer Suzanne Rubio (Suzanne Rubio). However, due to inconsistent testimony, the case came to court. In the case of James Moore (James Moore) and Alida Hernandez (Alida Hernandez) the judge has found grounds for litigation and has scheduled a hearing for October 14. Management believes IBM, such claims are unsubstantiated, and all scientific and statistical studies, cited by plaintiffs, the company called "science in the name of investigation. Meanwhile, the outcome of the trial, started by James Moore and Alidou Hernandez will largely determine the fate of the other 250 workers who applied to the court with similar accusations against IBM. If all claims are satisfied, the computer giant will remain to be comforted only by the fact that the plant, which was poisoning sold to competitors of company Hitachi. And for new cases of cancer will have to answer to her..

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