Smoker invented fire-safe cigarettes

Smoker invented fire-safe cigarettesChinese smoker invented fire-safe cigarettes. However, manufacturers of tobacco products and smokers invention is not liked. Reinventing fire protection Chinese with thirty years of experience smoker occurred after several times he nearly burned his own house, forgetting to put out the cigarette. Developed and patented them the remedy is simple: between tobacco and filter need to lay a thin layer of tin foil. And then left a lit cigarette is extinguished itself, as it will no longer receive oxygen. Some of these technologies already exist. The reason for their unpopularity lies in the fact that smokers do not want to buy cigarettes, which are always turned off in their hands. And the tobacco companies are not in a hurry to use the invention, since the cost of a pack of cigarettes with fire protection will increase by 1 penny. However, according to the inventor, he will continue to try to convince the Chinese charateristically to use its technology.

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