On the US market enters the vehicle from running senile dementia

On the US market enters the vehicle from running senile dementiaA new drug against senile dementia, the only one that is intended for treatment of diseases in the later stages, will soon appear on the American market. Memantine has long been used in Germany, last year received approval throughout Europe, but the United States remained unavailable. Now licensing authorities precipitated relatives of patients requiring quick to resolve. Although the Commission of experts of the Department for food and drug administration (FDA) recommended to allow the drug to use, many of its members remained very low opinion about its effectiveness. "I think the effect is very minor, warns Chairman Dr. Claudia Kawas (Claudia Kawas) from the University of California, Irvine. - Everyone in the Commission have doubts". However, anonymous voting lets talk about the support of memantine. The opinion of the Commission is not FDA-binding, however, usually an official position with him not diverge. It is expected that the drug could be on the market in the autumn. However, some relatives of patients not willing to wait even enough to apply the medicine. As described in the company Forest Laboratories, which promotes memantine on the American market, they now receive monthly more than 1,000 calls from families who want to purchase the drug in the United States. Now many at your own risk order drug online in Europe, where it has been used for quite a long time. "It is the acquisition of precious moments," says Barry Cooper Barry Cooper), of Virginia, in view of the improvements that have occurred in the condition of his wife ever since she started taking the medication purchased abroad. At the same time, studies show that in most cases, the drug can only slightly reduce the symptoms of, for example, six months to extend self-care. Mednovosti.Ru.

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