Ozone affects male fertility

Ozone affects male fertilityOzone affects male fertility So says Rebecca Sokol from the University of southern California. High levels of ozone in the lower atmosphere v the result of the emission of pollutants v reduces the number and motility of sperm in healthy and capable of offspring men. The researcher and her colleagues analyzed more than 8 thousand samples of sperm, put 50 men living in Los Angeles for 3 years and compared them with 3.5 thousand samples, deposited at the same time, the 35 men from Northern California. Initially, scientists wanted to find out whether there are geographical differences between these groups in terms of sperm quality. The same results were obtained discouraging v geographical differences emerged only in slightly greater numbers of motile sperm at the southern men. When scientists compared the data obtained during the study, with data on air quality, received by the company Sonoma Technologies, they revealed a correlation between the reduction in the number and motility and deteriorating air quality, especially in southern California. In 2000, Falcon reported that the number of sperm in men has not changed significantly over the past 50 years, despite evidence that men's lives in the modern world has led to reduced male viability by 50%. How ozone affects sperm, remains a mystery. It is known that free radicals can affect the functioning of sperm in the laboratory. So the question arises, what is the physiological reaction causes inhalation of ozone, so that it affects the sperm in the male body. The researcher hopes to resolve this question. In addition, she would like to conduct another study of the quality of spermatozoa v examining samples of seed obtained in the cities, in which there was a sharp increase and decrease of the level ozone, for example, new York and Mexico city..

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