Sklifosovsky Nicholas

Sklifosovsky NicholasRussian surgeon, author of works on military surgery of the abdominal cavity. Years of life: 1836-1904 He was born near the town of Dubossary, and graduated from high school in Odessa. Doctor Sklifosovsky decided to become had from childhood, so after school he went to Moscow and entered the medical faculty of Moscow University. There had arisen his medical specialty - surgery. Returning after graduation, home, Sklifosovsky several years he worked as the local doctor, and then entered the Odessa city hospital, where he soon became the head of the surgical Department. All the free time he had perfected his surgical skills, and three years later he defended his doctoral dissertation. But then he thought, what else does not possess sufficient knowledge and experience. In 1866 the Sklifosovsky went abroad on a business trip. For two years, during which he managed to work in England, France and Germany, Nikolai Vasilievich met with various surgical schools and studied the peculiarities of organization of medical care in different countries. It was at this time he drew attention to the work of the famous surgeon Lister, who first explained the need for sterilization of surgical instruments and the surgical field. Now it is hard to imagine that in the middle of the last century, the majority of surgeons considered it quite unnecessary and even harmful! The reports made Sklifosovsky on several medical congresses, attracted the attention of specialists. One of the first he has developed a practical method of surgical disinfection. When did the Austro-Prussian war, the Sklifosovsky received permission from the Austrian government and went to the front. After the conclusion of peace he returned to Odessa, but as it turned out, briefly, because he started the Franco-Prussian war and he again had to go to the front. However, after a few months he returned to Russia, but this time in St. Petersburg, as he was invited to the Medico-surgical Academy is the only educational institution in Russia, where trained military doctors. In St. Petersburg Sklifosovsky has worked for five years, then went again to the Balkans and then in the Russo-Turkish war. There he worked together with a wonderful surgeon N. I. Pirogov, who gave a brilliant review of the professional training of their colleagues. As a consultant to the red cross to the Sklifosovsky had to combine the surgeon's work with multilateral organizational activities. During the heavy battles of Plevna and at the foot of the SHIPKA he sometimes did not interrupt the work for several days to help all who needed it. Later calculated that directly through his hands, passed more than ten thousand wounded. After returning to Russia Sklifosovsky became a Professor at Moscow University and head of the surgical clinic. It was a bold step, because at that time the clinic was in a very neglected state. But Sklifosovsky vigorously set to work, and soon the clinic has become one of the best medical institutions in Europe. Sklifosovsky one of the first not only in Russia but also in Europe have introduced hot processing tools and medical linen and achieved almost complete absence of postoperative complications and infections. Many serious diseases that most doctors considered incurable, were defeated only through the efforts of Sklifosovsky. Around the medical clinic in Devichye pole was soon built a whole town, again with the direct participation of the Sklifosovsky. For its design scientist has created a public Committee, which brought together the leading experts of his time. The program hygienic measures Sklifosovsky developed together with F. Erismann, laid the foundations of medical hygiene. And in order to obtain the necessary funds, he had several times to go to Petersburg to the Minister of health. However, the Sklifosovsky not calmed down and after he had settled his clinic. He undertook to promote the latest scientific achievements among practitioners and for these purposes has created a Society of Russian physicians. On his initiative in Russia first began to conduct periodic congresses surgeons. But the greatest impact was organized Sklifosovsky XII international Congress of surgeons. He was held in Moscow in 1897. It was attended by leading scientists from many countries including the eminent German physiologist Rudolf Virchow. Visiting the hospital Sklifosovsky, he said in an interview: "You stand at the head of the institution, who are jealous of other peoples of Europe!".

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