Cancer, beans and lentils

Cancer, beans and lentilsAccording to an article published in the April issue of the International journal of Cancer, eating beans and lentils reduces the risk of developing breast cancer. While the use of other rich in flavonoids kinds of food does not affect this risk. Preliminary experimental evidence suggests that dietary flavonoids reduce the risk of breast cancer, but epidemiological evidence of this yet. Dr. Clement A. Adebamowo, from Harvard medical school in Boston with colleagues analyzed survey data 90,630 women (in their 710 cases registered aggressive breast cancer). Noted that there was no significant Association between total intake of flavonoids and breast cancer. However, as a result of further analysis of the data established that the anti-cancer effect have legumes and lentils. In particular, proved that women who consume legumes and lentils at least 2 times a week breast cancer develops in 25% less in comparison with ladies who eat these foods less often than 1 time per month (p = 0.03). Mechanisms preventive actions legumes and lentils will be studied. In addition, scientists believe that should be carefully investigated the content of flavonoids in various kinds of food as well as the bioavailability of dietary flavonoids. Reuters Health (Russian text Megafarm).

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