For the infection of SARS the Chinese face the death penalty

For the infection of SARS the Chinese face the death penaltyFor the intentional spread of infectious diseases, the Chinese threatened with imprisonment from 10 years to life or the death penalty, according to the international news Agency Reuters. Information about liability for offences related to the SARS epidemic, were submitted to the General Prosecutor's office and the Supreme court of the PRC and published may 15 in the Chinese Newspapers. According to the translation Reuters, the new rule States: "the Deliberate spread of contagious, infectious agents, threatening public safety, which will entail serious damage to health or death of other people, significant damage to public or private property, shall be punished by deprivation of liberty for a term of 10 years or the death penalty". The adoption of this measure was immediately criticized by human rights activists news Agency reported. According to one of them, a Hong Kong-Frank Lu, "this document is contrary to International conventions on human rights and has not been approved by the all-China Assembly of people's representatives". According to Reuters, imprisonment threatens the Chinese and other offenses related to SARS. Persons with this infectious disease or suspected that deliberately evade medical examination, isolation, or treatment may be punished by imprisonment for the term from three up to seven years. For manufacturing and selling fake drugs to residents of the PRC faces a prison sentence up to 15 years. If these actions caused serious harm or resulted in the death of others, the conclusion can be lifelong. According to the news Agency, imprisonment also provides for the use of the epidemic in the mercenary purposes (higher prices), misuse of humanitarian assistance, the creation of obstacles in the work of the red cross, false epidemic of anxiety and other offences..

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