Smoking control in France cigarettes are only sold "wholesale""

Smoking control in France cigarettes are only sold France began the most aggressive in the history of country campaign aimed at combating Smoking, reports news website Ananova. In a country where smokes third of the residents - more than in any other country of Europe, will sharply increase the price of cigarettes. The first price increase has already occurred at the beginning of the current year, the second is scheduled for next Monday, and the third in January 2004. The average price of a pack of cigarettes will rise from EUR 3.9 to 5.4. Special attention of the government has been youth: currently smokes 50 percent of French people aged 15 to 24 years. First and foremost was banned the sale of tobacco products to persons under the age of 16 years. In November will disappear from the shelves 10-cigarette packs, popular among teenagers. In addition, it is planned to prohibit Smoking in many public places including hospitals, schools, airports and railway stations. Government initiatives have already provoked the emergence of a black market in tobacco products. Adversely accept the new rules and the French themselves: a ban on Smoking in one of the schools has led to the protest rally, which was attended by hundreds of high school students. Meanwhile, according to officials, the measure is already yielding results: tobacco sales fell by 8.2 percent during the first eight months of the current year. This decline in demand was not observed in France ever..

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