"Ambulance" is transplanted on motorcycles

"Ambulance" is transplanted on motorcycles An original way to end dependence on street traffic found medics Ambulance in Gdansk. From now on the most urgent calls during off-peak hours medical team will leave on the motorcycle. Two-wheeled Ambulance brand "Harley Davidson" has already been purchased and is now being converted under sanitary needs. In the future, the crew of the motorcycle will consist of two people. In the beginning of the experiment to control a powerful "Harley" will be all the police, having the experience of riding on a motorcycle on a crowded center. The head of the Gdansk station Ambulance Dorota Dgasevic sure that the use of a motorcycle in urgent cases, first, will significantly reduce the waiting time for patients care and, secondly, will allow her subordinates to save on gasoline. Source:Morning.ru.

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