The insane will operate without their consent

The insane will operate without their consentThe insane will operate without their consent The Scottish government has prepared a new bill that would allow doctors to operate mentally ill patients without their consent. A new bill has been a strong backlash. Scottish Association for mental health (Scottish Association for Mental Health) set against the implementation of such measures and encourages members of the Scottish Parliament to oppose the bill. The representative of the Scottish government said that the provisions of the bill were formulated after detailed consultation with the Association and based on the recommendations of the Milan Committee (Millan Committee) and the Scottish law Commission (Scottish Law Commission). According to him, both of these organizations are of the opinion that adults are incapable people should not be denied treatment. "Act in support of disabled people (The Adults with Incapacity Act) is designed to protect the rights of the most vulnerable members of society, giving them the opportunity to receive medical assistance because they are not able to make the decision to consent to the operation. The decision to start treatment is adopted with the aim of protecting or improving the mental condition of the patient in the case when the patient himself is not opposed to the treatment," he said. Source:Рњednovosti and Madlena.Ru.

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