Classical massage

Classical massageWhen massage is used certain techniques, they can be divided into five major groups. These include: stroking; rubbing; squeezing; kneading; the vibration. In turn, the methods can be classified as srednogorie (stroking, rubbing, squeezing), deep (kneading) and shock (vibration). During the massage you need to alternate techniques, without interruption between them. It should not during massage massage lymph nodes. Starting to learn massage techniques can be massaged his leg, while new both know and feel what sensations feel massaged person. To start the massage should be gently and tenderly, then he should gradually increase, and in the end must be repeated soft, relaxing techniques. The number of repetition of individual massage techniques varies and depends on individual patient characteristics and other factors (age, health status, etc). Certain techniques have to be repeated 4-5 times, others less. The strength and dosage of massage are important. Rough, hasty, haphazard and irregular movements, and excessive duration of the massage can cause pain, twitching muscles, irritation of the cerebral cortex and overexcitation of the nervous system. Massage of this kind can be harmful. We should not start the massage movements and the sharp break off suddenly. The first sessions should not be long and intense, the muscles need special training to intense impact. Muscles massaged should be relaxed. It is important to change the strength of finger pressure on the body and carefully record the feeling. To do such training sessions of massage you need to have a sense of rhythm, in which the hands move continuously, changing one reception to another. It must be remembered that the massage movements should be directed along the lymphatics in the direction of the nearest lymph nodes. When the massage of the upper extremities direction should come from the wrist to elbow, and then from the elbow to the armpit. When the massage of the lower extremities traffic should be directed away from the foot to the knee joint, and then from the knee to the groin. When massaging the body, neck, head movement must be sent from the sternum in hand, to the armpits, from the sacrum up to the neck, from the hairline to the infraclavicular nodes. During a massage of the abdominal rectus muscles massaged downward direction, and oblique, on the contrary, from the bottom up. To start the massage is followed with large areas of the body, and then need to move to smaller, this sequence helps to improve lymphatic and blood circulation of the body..

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