Scientists prohibit mothers have buns

Scientists prohibit mothers have bunsScientists prohibit mothers have buns Pregnant women and nursing mothers should severely limit or even stop to eat French bread rolls, potato chips or other foods containing acrylamide. This is the conclusion of German scientists from Nuremberg, Munich and Cologne in light of the fact that over the past few months coming from acrylamide threat to health has become a major national problem in Germany. And limitations associated with the fact that fetuses and newborn infants are particularly susceptible to carcinogenic substances, and the dose of acrylamide they can get through the blood, placenta and literally soak up with his mother's milk. In addition, the acrylamide very soluble in water and because the water content in the body for kids than adults, and carcinogenic to them more dangerous. According to scientists, pregnant women should limit intake of foods containing acrylamide, up to 20 micrograms per day, which is equivalent to 10 grams of potato chips..

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