PearlsPearls *27r*Pearls are white, silver-white, cream or pink color. There are even Golden-brown and black pearls. Pearls symbolize purity and innocence. Calcium carbonate, part pearls, creates a cooling effect as a source of soothing healing vibrations, leading to the harmonization of the functions of the body. As ash is used to cleanse the stomach and inflammation of the intestine as internal. Can be used in the treatment of hepatitis and gallstones. In the middle ages children suffering from anemia, gave to drink milk with crushed pearls. In diseases of the liver drank the solution, which was brewed pearls. Pearl promotes longevity. Pearl is a good hemostatic agent. Therefore, it is used in the form of powders and infusions with bleeding gums, vomiting blood, blood hemorrhoids. In order to get charged water pearl, you need four or five small pearls dipped in a glass of water and let stand over night. The next morning the water you can drink. Pearl water helps in inflammatory processes. It is alkaline and is akin to "living water". Harmonious place for pearls - third finger on his right hand..

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