Fruits and vegetables can be dangerous

Fruits and vegetables can be dangerousMore recently, scientists have stated that plants "yellow-green" group - bananas, carrots, sea-buckthorn, pumpkin, persimmon, citrus, as well as parsley, dill, onion pen - even with poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of cancer in half. This is due to the beta-carotene contained in plants of this group. And people all over the world leaned on fruits, vegetables, hoping to protect themselves from this terrible disease. Turned out to be in vain. The carotenoids contained in these products and stable during storage, carry enormous risks. The fact that they contain antioxidants, which protect bacteria from attacking the cells of the immune system. Moreover, protected pests very quickly destroy the human immune system. American scientists who published this sensational discovery in the journal of experimental medicine, warn carrot lovers about potential diseases. Scientist from the University of California Victor Nizet and his colleagues stated that "Golden" bacteria, which received its color as a result of interaction with a yellow Beto-carotene, much more likely to cause disease than simple colorless viruses. An experiment was conducted, which resulted from the "gold" of bacteria was removed carotenoid. It turned out that after this operation the virus is easily killed. But the full colored bacteria. The immune system were powerless before them. Scientists are confident that their research the following will help pharmacists in the creation of new drugs for infected with Staphylococcus, have developed immunity to antibiotics. The blood leukocytes respond directly to Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Salmonella and other bacteria, increasing your protein level. This protein, in turn, stimulates white blood cells, causing them to produce antibacterial compounds. Biologists have found that the interaction of white blood cells with chemicals, significantly strengthens the ability of these cells to kill bacteria. So, in other words, scientists have found that white blood cells fight against bacterial infections. Thus is not surprising article in the "Bulletin of the American medical Association, which States that at least one third of discoveries in the field of medicine over the last 10 years, dedicated to the public, and then were denied or deemed inaccurate. This conclusion is based on the analysis of publications, three of the world's leading medical journals: New England Jouranl of Medicine, JAMA and Lancet, which best meet the needs of the public in medical knowledge. In particular, it is in these journals were published information indicating that the reception of hormonal tablets helps women during menopause to avoid heart disease, and vitamin E, on the contrary, does not protect against such diseases. However, medical practice has denied both claims. Representatives of the above-mentioned publications have already taken a defensive position. Guide New England Jouranl of Medicine stated that readers should understand: individual study in a particular area does not put the point in the development of any problem as a whole, and therefore should be treated with skepticism and not be taken as the ultimate truth. YTPO.Ru.

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