Music as a reflection of our character

Music as a reflection of our characterOur music tastes can talk about many psychological features of a person. The University of Texas conducted a series of special studies among College students, the purpose of which was to find out the dependence of the musical selection on traits. Because musical tastes can help to know the other person better more delicate way: you only need to look at his music collection. However, remember that musical tastes are only part of our inner world. Students divided the music into the following categories: Blues, jazz, classical and folk music was seen as a "reflective and complex", heavy metal and alternative rock as "intense and rebellious", religious music, soundtracks, music, country music, pop music as "upbeat and conventional", rap, hip-hop, soul, funk and electronic dance music is energetic and rhythmic". After that, everyone chose the appropriate category, and once described himself as a person. Studies have shown that, for example, those who call themselves extrovert prefer beautiful music with vocals. Students who are fond of "esoteric or complex music, consider themselves to be sophisticated, and students listening to "normal" music, call themselves conservative. Accordingly, athletes choose energetic style of playing. But those who consider themselves open to new things, prefer a variety of music styles. Our mood is also strongly influences the choice, but, as a rule, all musical preferences are within the same musical category. In addition, your music collection can be judged on the analytical abilities: the more developed intellect, the more complex compositions can be found in music collections. In General, if you from morning till night listening to one pop, others quite difficult to suspect you great mental abilities... MedLinks.Ru.

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