the New generation will be the most sick, fat and barren

the New generation will be the most sick, fat and barrenAs reported in its report of the British medical Association (BMA), the modern generation of teenagers will be more than ever in history to meet obesity and infertility. Kind of a time bomb that will explode when teenagers get older, the researchers called overeating, drinking alcohol, Smoking and drug addiction. In the group of 16 to 19 years, ten percent of girls suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, a quarter of 15-and 16-year-olds smoke, a fifth are obese. 11 percent of adolescents aged 11 to 15 years had used drugs in the month before the study. In addition, as noted in the BMA, the modern adolescents with age, you will have numerous mental disorders. According to experts, the poor state of health of adolescents is due to the fact that they fall into the gap between social and health services for children and adults. "Why not go the same 15-year-old teenager to consult about sexually transmitted diseases to the family doctor," said Vivien Natanson (Vivienne Nathanson), head of the BMA ethics. According to the BMA should not only create special services targeted at teenagers, but legally complicate the access of the younger generation to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. The Daily Telegraph (translation Mednovosti.Ru).

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