Runny nose Vice versa

Runny nose Vice versaRunny nose Vice versa Every fourth of the fair half of mankind at least once in their life suffered from inflammation of the bladder - cystitis. These are the findings of the world health organization. And one in eight suffers from this disease throughout life: As it begins The wind, the wind, sweeping the legs, not dressed in boots and warm trousers and boots and a thin tights - very cold! The next day sick: sore lower abdomen and bladder inevitably requires running to the bathroom every 10-15 minutes. And well, if this procedure brought relief, but no: every time the pain, the pain, but gets only two or three drops! What to do? With the help of friends and trusted recipes" relatives diagnosed and begins to self-medicate. In the course usually goes packaging "out of those now yellow tablestock", which was used by my grandmother, which "seems too something". After several days, there comes relief, and the woman continues to live peacefully. Until the next attack of cystitis, which will not be long to wait. What happens "The urethra in women is wide and short, so she writes quickly and with pleasure," - thus began a lecture on the anatomy of the lower urinary tract, heard the author of this text is still in medical school. Alas, but in addition to the above advantages short, 3-4 cm, urethra gives women a lot of problems: bacteria breeding in the vulva, abandon their attempts to settle in the nearby and very comfortable for them the bladder. Under normal conditions they do not succeed. Cells of the bladder is able to defend themselves from the insolent invaders, unless they themselves are in good condition. But it is necessary to pick up the slightest cold and bacteria are located with all amenities. Actually cystitis is very similar to the common cold, only is it not "on top" and "bottom". Fantastic comparison? We will try to understand. The mucosa of the nose and mucous membrane of the bladder have a similar structure. Inflammation the first is called rhinitis, second - cystitis. The symptoms are similar: the constant desire to blow his nose and Prachatice - in the first case, frequent urination in the second. But the nose can be cleaned using a handkerchief, and with the bladder much more complicated. Who is to blame? The primary culprit was hypothermia. Lovely ladies who do not wish to notice, that autumn has come and continues to walk around in short skirts and thin tights, run the risk of becoming a female hostages seasonal exacerbations of a cystitis. Intensive sexual life. "Other" bacteria, recorded while not dangerous to the genitals, but can cause cystitis. Failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene. Of course, the genitals of men and women in General are not designed by nature to be a model of "fresh and clean frosty morning". But we should not forget that half of cystitis wouldn't be, if in prelude to sexual contact obligatory included a visit to the bathroom. Chronic gynecological diseases. Urinary and sex organs in women are very closely related and usually "sick" together. The climax. In this period, women changing hormones, decrease the body's defenses, and thus inevitably develop inflammatory diseases. What is the danger? Running cystitis sooner or later become chronic. As uninvited guests, they come every spring and autumn, summer and after each bath in the winter - especially in extreme cold. After some time, the bladder wall is so "tired" from the constant attacks of bacteria that loses all ability to resist, and then lower abdominal pain is a constant companion of life. In addition, bacteria - very restless creatures. Occupying the bladder, they will try to get even higher in the kidneys. First, on the back of the regular cystitis woman feels strange heaviness in the lumbar region, then all of a sudden fever with chills, then the pain in my side becomes unbearable, and in the hospital it was revealed that the inflammation of the renal pelvis - pyelonephritis. Front - heavy operation, and it is possible that in the course of the kidney can be lost. That's so banal cystitis can lead to disability. What to do? The recipe is versatile - treated as follows. It must be remembered that diseases of the urinary system should do, not a General practitioner and a specialist urologist. Note also that favorite medicines from local clinics began to be manufactured over 30 years ago, and perhaps in the world have no more of those bacteria in which they can operate. Among urologists popular joke that some particularly sophisticated "enemies of the bladder" have learned to eat those antediluvian drugs, which they often are trying to cure. It is necessary to apply the most modern drugs, which are changed every year, not on a stupid whim pharmaceutical firms, but because for a few years, the majority of bacteria produces a strong immune system to actively use drugs. Treatment should include a good antibiotic drug that improves blood flow to the bladder wall, as well as anti-inflammatory agent. The selection of the components of this cocktail, of course, must be done by a medical professional. Treatment of chronic cystitis well with fiziolechenie, and therefore, you need to choose the institution, which are equipped with modern appliances and practiced not antiquated methods. Nature heals If You are prone to cystitis, avoid products that irritate the bladder wall because a large part of what is eaten or drunk, is excreted with urine. As fire You need to be afraid of carbonated beverages of all kinds, especially those that have high content of dyes. Also dangerous sharp and very salty foods: this delightful taste so nice scorching the sky, sooner or later will reach the bladder, and then the feeling will be quite different. The best drink for cystitis - cranberry juice. The fact that cranberries contain substances that act as natural antibiotics.

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