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to Condemn parmigana Merck failedon 12 December in the United States ended its first trial on the claim of a relative of one of the consumers breathalyser Vioxx against the developer of this drug - pharmaceutical giant Merck. The jury could not reach a unanimous decision about the degree of culpability of the company in the death of his client. Last year, Merck was forced to withdraw Vioxx, one of the most successful products of the company, with global markets. Emergency curtailment of sales was due to the detection of serious side effects associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease when used medication. First Vioxx went on sale in 1999 until 2004 he was regularly attended by about 20 million people. on December 12, after the time allotted for debate has expired, the judge officially announced about the lack of a final decision of the jury. According to anonymous sources, when considering the case 8 of the 9 members of the jury were ready to acknowledge the innocence Merck death of his client, but 1 of them continued to insist on the guilt of the company. Under U.S. law, in a proceeding such cases the decision of the jury can only be unanimous. To no avail ended on Monday the trial was initiated by the claim of the widow of 53-year-old resident of Florida Richard Irvine, who died in the result of a sudden heart after a few weeks of use Vioxx to relieve back pain. In the case of a guilty plea Merck, the company had to pay the spouse of the deceased compensation in the amount of $ 253 million In August 2005, the court of Texas recognized the company Merck is guilty of the death of Irwin, but in November the court of new Jersey reversed this decision. It is assumed that the claim of Mrs. Irwin will be proposed for consideration of a new jury not later than February 2006. At the present time against Merck prepared about 7 000 similar lawsuits. According to some experts, unsuccessful completion of the first trial may have a negative impact on the position of Merck. In fact, in this particular case we were talking about the possible negative impact of a relatively short course of the drug: the deceased was taken Vioxx for only about 3 weeks. Currently, the negative impact of short-term course of Vioxx has not been proven. Just officially recognized that to increase the likelihood of cardiovascular disease causes long-term (within 18 months or more) its use. A significant part of lawsuits against Merck claims are former clients who believe that their health or the health of their loved ones in varying degrees, affected by long-term use of Vioxx. In such cases, the chances of the holders of claims on the positive decision of the court is substantially increased.

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