Goals and objectives

Goals and objectivesCosmetic massage is performed on the exposed parts of the body and is used to improve skin condition. In addition, cosmetic massage is performed to correct cosmetic defects and defects. Objects of beauty massage are the face, neck and scalp. But cosmetic massage affects not only the skin and muscles of the face, neck and scalp, but also on the entire body. This is due to the fact that as a result of skin exposure to the cortex of the brain sends nerve impulses. This massage technique as stroking, calms the nervous system, other methods used when performing cosmetic massage (rubbing, kneading, percussion, vibration) act on the nervous system stimulating. Correctly carried out cosmetic massage helps enhance metabolism, cleanses the skin, stimulates blood circulation, helps to remove tissue from the waste products of the body, eases breathing of the skin, maintains muscle tone. The result of the procedure cosmetic massage is a significant improvement of health of the patient, mood, he becomes cheerful and energetic. Systematic cosmetic massage helps to achieve the following results: significantly slows down aging and skin aging; saved or restored good face shape; slows down the appearance of wrinkles, in addition, cosmetic massage can reduce and even eliminate existing wrinkles; stronger muscles of the face and neck; improves skin condition, it becomes smooth and elastic, restores healthy skin color of the face and neck; the process of oil secretion of normal skin, cleansing the skin from the sebaceous plugs and dead skin cells; are resorption on the face of scars, as well as seals, resulting juvenile eels; eliminates puffiness and puffiness of the face; decrease fat deposits disappear folds and 'double chin'. Cosmetic massage of the scalp is usually to strengthen your hair and improve its condition. Methods and technique of the facial massage is similar to techniques and equipment to bring classical massage. Begins and ends with a facial massage with light strokes. To perform cosmetic massage should be a gradual and phased manner. It should also be noted that all stages of the massage must have the same temporal duration. The best results reaches cosmetic massage in combination with cosmetic masks, compresses and steam baths. Conduct the session facial massage, preferably at least 1 time per week..

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