PMS what is it?

PMS what is it?Some statistics According to statistics such thing as PMS very familiar about 90% of women in age from about 13 to 50 years. But only about 10% suffer from very severe symptoms. Peak manifestations of PMS occurs at the age of about 30-35 years. Most women, as shows the same statistics, with these temporary physical and emotional discomfort does not do anything. Supposedly, it'll go away! By the way, about the duration of these torments: Here the opinions of the experts also disagree. Someone said about 2-3 days, previous month, and someone is inclined to 14 (!). That is, if not go to extremes, the average woman suffering from PMS 72 days a year. And all through life this figure is simply frightening: in the state of PMS we have seven and a half years! Incidentally, PMS is the only problem of modern women. Our ancestors hadn't suspected. Until recently, a woman, as a rule, almost always in a state of pregnancy and infant feeding. But because these most critical days and the problems she had encountered, on average, 10 to 20 times for a lifetime! The modern woman, with 2-3 children, experiencing all these charms about 400 times, and childless - up to 500 times during life. That PMS is a relatively new problem, the fact that the term itself and the detailed description of the symptoms only appeared in 1931 and owned by a gynecologist Robert Frank. Now some very sad statistics: There are studies devoted to the crimes of women and the state of PMS. So it is established that most cases of female rape or shoplifting takes place in the period from the 21st to the 28th day of your period (that is, immediately before the critical days). More than 50% of women who have committed murder or other crime-related violence, did in the same period. By the way, in many countries of the PMS from the defendant at the time of the crime is a mitigating factor. There are history when his wife, killed in a fit of rage associated with PMS, their husbands were justified. And some more statistics: It is these days and have the largest number of complaints of women doctors, psychotherapists and astrologers. Scientists explain this by intensifying fear and loss of control. In addition, women with PMS 4-5 times the probability of accident, sitting behind the wheel of a car. Not encouraging, and the fact that women tend to use drugs and alcohol, especially in these days usually take more of them and more often than usual. The causes of PMS As for the causes of PMS, then, oddly enough, to the final conclusions scientists have not yet come. The most inclined to think that it's all in the hormones. More precisely, in the fact that from the 21st to the 28th day of the menstrual cycle the levels of the female hormone estrogen in the blood drops sharply. Therefore in the body are very significant changes. However, the additional intake of estrogen in these days no effect gives. Therefore some scientists believe the cause of PMS other factors. Options here are many: increased thyroid dysfunction, seasonal emotional disorder, etc. Many scientists believe that PMS has psychological roots. That is, they believe that PMS mostly suffer from neuropathic, hysterical women with unstable mentality, and that he is a manifestation of manic-depressive disorder. Although this view is not very popular, many doctors agree that stress actually increases the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Another relatively new version of PMS is the theory associated with malnutrition. That is, if these days a few to change the power supply system, adapting it to changes in the body, most PMS symptoms simply will not appear (more on this you will learn in the second part of this article). PMS symptoms All physicians allocate more than 150 (!) PMS symptoms. Fortunately, one woman they all can never meet. Usually each of us get their own "burden". Someone has these symptoms are strong, some are barely noticeable. I thought long and hard whether to give this article a list of them (of course, not all 150), including quite rare. And as a result decided that I need. Know why? Read it and you will feel like you are lucky! You probably not a tenth of all these misfortunes! - The anxiety, the constant tension - Irritability, resentment, conflict and sudden outbursts of anger - Crying - Depression, sadness - Quick change of mood - Weakness, fatigue and distraction - Indecision - The feeling that everything goes wrong, increased exposure to domestic troubles (burns, cuts, and so on) - Inattention and poor response (e.g., driving) - Muddled thoughts and forgetfulness - Retardation, difficulties with speech There is a decline or, on the contrary, the surge of sexual desires - Insomnia or, on the contrary, drowsiness - Headache - Dizziness and fainting - Nausea and vomiting - Heightened perception of noise - Pain in the chest and the induration of the mammary glands - Aching and drawing pain in the abdomen and lower back - Increased body temperature - Increased susceptibility to infections and, in General, weakened immunity - Palpitations - Soreness of the joints, cramps in the calf muscles, aching muscle pain and discomfort in the neck - Allergic reactions - Nosebleeds Disorders of the urinary tract - Aggravation of hemorrhoids - Poor alcohol tolerance - Increased asthma attacks - Delay in the body of liquid, that is, swelling (puffiness of the face, bags under the eyes and so on) - Distended abdomen - Weight gain - Overeating or simply increased appetite - Change of taste sensations (craving for spicy, salty, and so on) - Uncontrollable craving for sweets and starchy foods - Increased the formation of gas in the intestines (flatulence) - The new perception of odors (suddenly I want to smell gasoline, Shoe Polish or varnish) - Skin rash, exacerbation of acne - Pallor, circles under the eyes - Deterioration of the hair (the increase of fat content, increased precipitation, and so on) - Tingling, numbness or a feeling of "pins and needles" in the hands of This is only a list of the most common symptoms. Then begins the exotic. Author: Ekaterina Vinogradova.

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