ThinnessAdverse psychosocial environment: frequent reason for slow growth of a sense of emotional deprivation that the child suffers separation from the mother, lack of parental love, the neglect of his natural needs, homelessness, etc., In this case, even if he is given full power, he may have a poor appetite, or adopted the food is poorly digested and absorbed. Malnutrition: stunting and thinness above all suggest poor nutrition. The food should contain a sufficient number of calories and be balanced on the main nutritional components (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). For example, if two-year-old child eats only milk, he gets a normal amount of protein, but low in calories for normal growth. It is important to find out whether the reason for slow growth, poor appetite, or a child eats enough, but not gaining normal weight or even lose weight. Help: you should consult your doctor for advice on nutrition child. For children lagging behind in physical development, one can propose the following the ancient recipe of Korean medicine: fry 30 grams of licorice roots, ground them into powder, mix with honey and roll in balls the size of a grain of corn. Take 2 times a day for five balls. Intestinal parasites: a child infected with Ascaris or tape worms, often has increased, "wolf" appetite, but does not reach normal for their age and growth of body weight. In addition to the thinness of such children celebrate pain and bloating, recurrent diarrhea, anemia, irritability and restlessness. Learn more about worms see "abdominal Pain". TB: thinness is sometimes the only sign of the latent development of tuberculous process. The child eats, gets tired quickly, sometimes he has a fever. However, the disease is flowing slowly, slowly, and at first does not cause great concern to parents. Help: thinness in combination with the above symptoms provides a great reason to immediately show your child the district pediatrician..

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