Postpartum women and adolescent girls

Postpartum women and adolescent girlsAs caring for the postpartum? Postpartum period lasts 6-8 weeks. Postpartum purification, or lochia, the first 4 days are bloody character, and then fade, their number gradually decreases; they have a characteristic smell of damp. The appearance of the stinking smell says wrong current postpartum period and the need for appropriate treatment measures. Postpartum uterine contractions are often painful, especially during feeding by a breast the child. If they are very painful, can pain as a means to give travaileth analgin, antipyrine, or apply a suppository with a papaverine. External genitals wash, then dry with a dry sterile topfarm on the forceps, in the future (house) drain special towel. If the urine in the first days after birth is somewhat difficult, appoint hexamethylenetetramine and broth bearberry. If the puerperal unable to urinate, put a heating pad on the area of the bladder, give a warm vessel subcutaneously injected magnesium sulfate, pituitrin. With the failure of these measures within 7-8 hours after delivery is carried out by a doctor catheterization. In the first postnatal days difficult to separate the function of the intestine. On the 3rd day after birth put an enema or cleanse the bowel laxative. Underwear and bedding should be changed every 4-5 days. If a woman is sweating heavily, linen should be changed more often. It is also necessary to frequently change the litter (4-5 times a day), especially if the flow is heavy. To sit on the bed postpartum women from the 2nd day of normal postnatal period, and to go with the 3rd day. Recently healthy parturient women allowed to go from the 2nd day after birth. What are the characteristics of power in the postpartum period? On the first day postpartum women receive liquid food, and in the following days goes on an ordinary Desk. Food should be well cooked, tasty, rich in vitamins. Of fluids can be given tea, weak coffee, mineral water, juice, boiled water to cool or warm the desire of women. Products sent by relatives, should be strictly controlled medical sister. The number of products and the range is usually specified in the rules of obstetric hospital. Products must be in new plastic bag or wrapped in a clean cloth (clean paper). How is gymnastics mothers? Postpartum exercises conducts nurse collectively in the house with all the healthy parturient women. Gymnastic exercises aim to teach the puerperal correctly and breathe deeply, strengthen the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor, to strengthen the muscular system and along with early rising to contribute to a more vibrant circulation. The exercise takes place every morning, starting from the 2nd day after birth, after Breakfast, in the summer with the Windows open in the winter - after a thorough ventilation of the chamber. Duration: from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the condition (pulse, respiratory rate) postpartum women and adolescent girls. It is important that each puerperal continued and the house systematically gymnastics. What mode should adhere to the postpartum women after discharge from the maternity hospital? In the maternity hospital the puerperal instructed about the rules of home treatment, the implementation of which is tested nurse when nursing visits at home. Sex life at normally proceeding postpartum period can be resumed no earlier than 8 weeks after birth, after consultation with doctor. Postpartum women should observe the correct mode of work and rest: in homework to turn on gradually; to sleep at least 8 hours per day and be sure to relax during the day; avoid heavy lifting and work with high physical strain; conduct exercises at first on the diagram obtained in the nursing home, and then on the recommendations given to female consultation. What are the rules of hygiene in the postpartum period? The postpartum women should carefully monitor the purity of the body, 2 times a day to wash to the waist with room temperature water with soap (child), obtiva and mammary glands; a day to wash under shower with warm water with soap and a washcloth. Go to bath or to use the bathroom can be no earlier than 7-8 weeks after birth. Postpartum women should wash hands thoroughly before each feeding and before eating, after cleaning the area, use the restroom, etc. Must briefly cut your nails, should not be varnished. Morning and evening you should wash with warm water and baby soap or a solution of calendula (1 teaspoon of tincture of calendula on 1 l of boiled water); to drain genitals after pidmyvannya special towel. Need to keep reminding linen and clothing; to change underwear every 3-4 days and bed at least 1 time per week; for the night to wear night clothes; to wear a bra, good support and not much squeezing my Breasts, often to change; to wear a brace for 4 months after birth, and in some cases (very stretched, flabby belly). At least 3-4 hours every day you should spend time outdoors, thoroughly ventilate the room and bedding. What kind of diet you must stick to postpartum women after discharge from the hospital? You need to eat fresh food. Especially useful buckwheat and oat porridge with milk, yogurt, buttermilk, fermented boiled milk, curd, honey, jam, tea with milk, fruit and vegetable juices, berries, fruit, boiled and raw after washing them with boiled water. Can not eat spicy food, alcoholic beverages. It is important to keep track of daily bowel movements. How many days after birth, the postpartum women attending antenatal clinic? A local doctor of female consultation postpartum women should visit about 7-10 days after discharge from the maternity hospital. In case of any complications (fever, bleeding, excessive engorgement, the appearance of painful cracked nipples and others) you should immediately contact the antenatal clinic..

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