In Lithuania the man "sewed" new legs

In Lithuania the man In Kaunas medical University clinic undergoing the trauma of a man for the first time in Lithuania repetirovali both cut off his legs. Working middle-aged lost his legs in an accident at a sawmill in the town of Prienai. As reported on Tuesday 22 November at the clinic for surgery were convened two teams of surgeons. Worked together four digital urography is now available, plastic surgeon, four orthopedic trauma, four anesthesiologists, in General, about 20 people. Doctors were able to restore the blood flow to the extremities five hours after injury, when you have already reached the critical threshold of time, and in the extremities could start an irreversible process of dying tissue. The entire operation lasted about eight hours. In practice this reconstructive was held for the first time here more often helps patients with severed fingers, open fractures or severed arteries. The state of undergoing surgery is stable, but doctors do not dare to predict the consequences of trauma. As noted Lithuanian doctors, the success of the operation is largely made possible thanks to the quick and effective first aid. The news Agency "Interfax",

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