Men better than women identifying fake smile

Men better than women identifying fake smilePsychological research conducted on the Internet British psychologists have shown that men are more likely to accept false smile and the expression in General than women. The study was conducted by Professor Richard Wiseman (Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire (University of Hertfordshire) as part of the Edinburgh international science festival (Edinburgh International Science Festival. Online testing has attended more than 15 thousand people. People were asked to evaluate 10 pairs of pictures, which one smile was sincere, and the second is false. And before the beginning of the studies the subjects were asked how they evaluate their own ability to "read people". Women rated themselves much higher than men, 77 percent of females rated their intuitive abilities as "high", while men were more modest, the high level intuition called only 58 percent. According to the results of the tests proved that the difference between the ability to distinguish between false men and women minor: it recognized 72 percent of men and 71 percent of women. While men are much better defined unnatural smiles members of the opposite sex than women: 72% of men vs. 67 percent of women. The results of the study will be further processed and analyzed, but Richard Weisman believes that it is possible to say that women's sharpened intuition is nothing more than a common misconception. The Independent (Russian text

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