Take medicine correctly!

Take medicine correctly!Today there are a large number of drugs. They differ not only in content, quantity of the active substance - drug dosage and form of manufacturing (tablets, capsules, pills, and others), applications (inside, under the tongue, candles and other), frequency of use, side effects, and many others. Without a doubt, before taking the medicine need to be familiar with all its features. But there are universal rules of medications that are applicable in many cases. Here are some of them. if you do not know what must drink a particular drug, drink down his 12 glass of boiled water. Do not take pills with milk, tea or coffee, unless it is specifically discussed in recipe or annotations; any medication swallow sitting, if possible. Recumbent patient should while receiving to lift my head and leave it in this position for 5-10 minutes. capsules are best taken in the standing position. When the horizontal position of the body, the capsule may stick to the wall of the esophagus and cause inflammation, so after taking it is advisable to stand or to walk. tablets shells in no event it is impossible to grind or chew if it is not mentioned in the recipe. medicinal syrups is excess sugar, colors, flavors. If there is a similar drug in the tablets, it is better to give preference to him. ointment apply minimally thin layer (that is how much it is necessary for the full therapeutic action), otherwise most of it will be wasted. the injection is usually a forced measure. If for some reason you don't like injections, discuss with your doctor the possibility of using other medicines. after the introduction of the candles in the rectum it is necessary to soak for 10-20 minutes, and the child clamp ass hand - to medication he was on the outside. do not be afraid to give alcohol tinctures children alcohol, there is very little, but most of them are prepared with natural plant-based. Satellitegroup.Ru.

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