PreventionToday hardly anyone would argue with the fact that our body is a unified, functioning under the same laws. Moreover, I would like to emphasize that the word "body" refers to not only our physical body, but all other body, also called the biofield. You might be surprised, but over many decades of domination in our country and in our minds of a materialistic worldview, our biofield not atrophied, offended by our blindness and glorious continues to exist today, including the etheric, mental, astral and other bodies. Seemingly, what is the relationship between aura and our hair? Yes? No, I can already hear the cries of the most advanced readers that the relationship is not just there, but the most direct. When we get sick, it means only that the disease (or, rather, information about it) has already passed through the outer body and got to our physical body. And the highest penetrating power is stressful information and psychological problems. Having reached our physical body, such energoinformational "knocks out" the weakest or the most meaningful to us link. For women, it will, of course, hair. For men such options often end gastric ulcer or 12 duodenal ulcer. Please note that we are not talking about androgenetic form of hair loss, but only after-stress problems that frequency is no less rare, at least in prekrasnoooo half of humanity. Logical question: where to go from stress, if they surround us everywhere and always? And here nothing new is no need to invent everything was already invented before us. Can't get rid of the stress change your attitude to it! Yes, it's not easy. Yes, to do this we must first understand the problem and to find the strength to admit it. And then it all becomes just a little bit of detachment, a little more love (not selfishness, and love it!), more love and tolerance to the people; and the results will not delay to appear very soon. You will be incredibly surprised how your life will change right before your eyes. Psychologists say the following: "it is Important to pay attention to how the person responds to stress. Usually each person has no more than two strategies of behavior in situations of stress (someone smokes a cigarette, someone goes to the gym, someone listening to your favorite music). One of the frequent strategies is the "flight into illness" from problems arising from difficulties. For example, a severe form of acne in young people often indicate an unconscious fear of communicating with the opposite sex (cause usually hidden in early childhood). As soon as the probability of such communication increases, there comes aggravation. This is the strategy of "flight into illness". If the strategy is not one, but at least 3-4 (the patient may develop in the course of psychotherapy), the person will have the opportunity of choice and the need to flee to the disease will disappear. Also important reasons are the following: "rating authority" (in this case, skin and hair) in the value system of the patient; the adaptation of the patient to the disease (problem); the stage of life where a person is on. Beliefs and values related to the problem of the age: how many years of customer perceives your real age? What this means to him? For example, in women 30 years of age wrinkles appear, and there is a fear of the loss of attractiveness of uselessness. This leads to depression, which further worsens the skin condition. It is a vicious circle". (Isaev, O. S., medical psychologist.) One can often hear the opinion that what supposedly to care for your hair, if it is dead matter. On this occasion I would like to Express the following idea, which the materialists seem seditious: as long as we treat our hair, how to dead - they will meet us with the same. As soon as we realize that our hair being a part of our body as a living, how we live, and begin to love them, care for them, care for them - the situation with the hair will gradually begin to change for the better. If you cannot solve the psychological problem - you can see a specialist. I do not want to surrender into the hands of conventional medicine, with its pharmaceuticals - there are specialists in the field of alternative medicine. In any case, the stress must be defeated. When you live in love, respect for yourself and everyone around them, seeking joy, energy, creativity and wisdom to understand what is the meaning of life, comes a healthy, harmonious balance of soul, mind and body. Well hair? And the hair, as one of the most sensitive elements of our body, as an external manifestation of such a harmonious existence, will return to where they are supposed to be initially. Source: Trichology.

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