The defibrillator Primedic DEFI-B

The defibrillator Primedic DEFI-BAsynchronous defibrillation, built-in rechargeable battery. Manufacturer: Spiraled Country: Russia City: Moscow Price: 2000.0 EUR The field of medicine: Anesthesia and resuscitation equipment Description: Defibrillators PRIMEDIC Defi-B quick When the self test is constantly checked -unit high-voltage -charging period -precision power level -battery status Icons and zamorozhennyy process program provides reliable manual control Automatic functions protect from improper management Diagnosis within seconds and error-free service All connectors are protected by the hull shape The weight of the defibrillator, including spoon electrodes and the battery does not exceed 8,5 kg Shock plastic case protects the instrument in extreme conditions exceptional instrument for reliability in medicine Worldwide proven more than 10,000 devices. PRIMEDIC Defi-B-defibrillator operating using the battery. Mobile reliability justifies itself daily, regardless of the electrical network, in ambulances, cardiac rehabilitation centers, hospitals, etc. For these defibrillators characterized by exceptional durability and reliability. PRIMEDIC Defi-B is ready for use away from power outlets, due to the large capacity batteries. After switching on, the instrument automatically performs an internal self-test to control all important parameters. Icons and zamorozhennyy process program provides reliable manual control. Cables spoon electrodes can be placed in the unit. Specifications: The asynchronous mode, the external defibrillate The energy levels of 20, 50,100, 160, 250, 360 j (50 Ohm) The number of digits 45 discharges at 360 joules The charging time of 7.6 seconds to 360 joules, 4,1 second to 160 j The form of a Monophasic pulse, sinusoidal current pulse width of 4.5 msec Electrodes embedded adults (Гё 8 cm) and baby (D 4,5 cm) The Power Supply 220 V 50 Hz Battery 14.4 V /1,4 A. h The battery operation time 3 hours (100%) Dimensions HH cm Weight 8.5 kg Security II type BF Operating environment 0... 50 *.

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