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Periodontal disease

Periodontal diseasePERIODONTAL disease is a systemic lesion of periodontal in the form of progressive atrophy of the alveolar process. Etiology, pathogenesis associated with disorder of local blood circulation, endocrine disorders. Development contribute to diabetes, cirrhosis, peptic ulcer and other diseases. The symptoms for. In the initial period of uncertainty during chewing, itching in the gums. The feeling of loose teeth, bad smell in the mouth, taste perversion. The teeth are intact. As the development process of the jam food in the interdental spaces, gum recession, can form wedge-shaped defects on the teeth, often hyperesthesia naked necks of the teeth. Rentgenograficheski - reducing the height of the interdental septa without signs of osteoporosis and inflammatory destruction. Early detection requires laboratory and functional (rheography) research. When active during a relatively early loss of tooth bed all teeth. At the stage of stabilization process may not progress for decades. In this case, however, can be inflammatory resorption holes individual teeth associated with complications of inflammatory nature. The treatment is comprehensive, individualized, is determined by the characteristics of the disease, the nature of the complications and General health. Measures to improve local blood circulation (darsonvalization, vacuum massage, hydro - and automassage and so on). Removal of above - and subgingival dental plaque. To eliminate pathological occlusion apply orthopedic measures - presledovanie cusps of the teeth crowns, tooth replacement. Prescribe vitamins C and b group, sex hormones, drugs, anabolic (pentoksil, nerobolum, methyluracil and other) action. Diet, the resort - and psychotherapy. Clinical supervision. The prognosis for stable during favourable, with the active period leads to early loss of teeth. Prevention: the periodic removal of Tartar and systematic care of teeth. Food, full in composition and consistency..

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