The regulation of the body (TNW Shen)

The regulation of the body (TNW Shen)TNW Shen translated from Chinese means "to lead the body in the most comfortable and relaxed state of mind". This means that your body should be centered and balanced. Otherwise, you will be tense and stiff, which will affect the ability of your mind, as well as on the circulation of qi. Chinese doctors say: "If the form (body position) is incorrect, qi is not smooth. If qi is not smooth, And restless. If restless, disordered qi". You should understand that the relaxation of the body begins with And, therefore, before the body to relax, you need to loosen or adjust your mind - and It is called Shen Xin pinchen, which means "body and heart (mind) is balanced". Body and mind are interrelated. Relaxed and balanced body allowing you to relax and focus And. When your And abides in peace and is able to accurately judge things, your body centered, balanced, and relaxed. Relaxation is one of the main keys to success in qigong. You should remember that only when you are relaxed, open your channels of qi. So you could relax, you first need to relax and calm your Acting Only when there is coordination And breathing, your body can relax. In qigong practice there are three levels of relaxation. The first level is the external physical relaxation, or relaxation pose". This is a very superficial level, which can be achieved almost everyone by adopting a comfortable position and eliminate unnecessary stress from their movements. The second level is "relaxation of the muscles and ligaments". To achieve your And should be sent directly to the muscles and ligaments. This relaxation will help you to open the channels of qi and will direct the qi in the Dantian. And finally, the final step is the relaxation of the internal organs and bone marrow. Remember that only if you can relax deeply into the body, your mind will be able to send qi. Only at this stage of qi will be able to reach any point of your body, and you will feel its transparency - as if your body has evaporated. Reaching this level of relaxation, you will get access to their bodies and using qigong will be able to correct abnormalities in the distribution of qi brings you anxiety. You will also get the opportunity to effectively defend your organs and, thus, slow down their destruction. Rooting For all kinds of qigong practice is very important to be "rooted", i.e. to have a stable position in close contact with the ground. If you want to move a car, you need to hold, so the force exerted on you to the car was balanced force that is oriented in the ground. Otherwise, pushing the car, you will only be repelled by it themselves. The root consists of the root, center and balance your body. Before you begin creating root, you should relax and give your body a chance to "settle". The voltage in different parts of the body will disappear and you'll receive the most convenient rack. You stop to fight with earth to keep the body in an upright position. Your bodily structure will learn to support itself. This will allow the muscles to relax even more. If your body will not fight for the vertical position, And your not going to push you up and your body, mind and qi will be able to descend. When you stop to shake the dirty water and dirt gradually sink to the bottom and the water above them becomes clear. Similarly, when you relax the body so that it could "settle", your qi is lowered into the Dantian and point Flows in the soles of the feet; when your mind is cleared. After that you can start to create roots. For rooting you should be like a tree and grow under your feet imaginary root. This will give you a solid Foundation for stability during practice. Your root should be spread as widely as possible and deeper. Naturally, beginning to grow And your as And directs qi. Your And should be able to direct the qi of the foot and to communicate with earth. Only when And able to communicate with earth, qi can move beyond the stop and enter into the land, forming the root. Point flows are gates through which qi can communicate with the earth. After you have "root", you should learn how to "save your heart". Sustainable centre will allow your qi to develop evenly and uniformly. If you lose your center, your qi will no longer be distributed evenly. In order to center the body, you must first align your And, and then bring the body into line with him. Only in this case forms of qigong that you practice will have root.

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