Patients with ischemic heart disease early stop taking drugs

Patients with ischemic heart disease early stop taking drugsThe majority of patients with chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, stop right to take drugs soon after the appointment of the latter. This problem is discussed in the article, Dr. Nick Barber and his colleagues (School of Pharmacy, London) in the new issue of Quality and Safety in Health Care. "More than a third of such patients do not take medication as prescribed, and almost half are not on their own", according to the researchers. They watched the 250 patients, accepted 23 pharmacies in southern England. All patients (aged 75 years and older) began long-term pharmacological therapy, in the presence of at least one of the opportunistic diseases: stroke, ischemic heart disease, asthma, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis. After 10 days and 1 month after initiation of therapy, patients were interviewed by telephone or by personal contact, by filling in a questionnaire. It was found that after 10 days only 30% of patients continued to take the drug as expected, the rest took the drug in different doses, in another time or with another frequency. A month later, the correct drug was only every fourth patient. Half of all cases of violations of drug therapy was forced, due to side effects. Thus, among patients who continued to take the medication after 10 days, two thirds mentioned at least one problem associated with drug therapy. These problems included directly side effects (vomiting, dizziness) (50%), fear of recurrence of previously observed side effects or allergies (43%), technical complexity (difficulty swallowing tablets, remembering regimen, etc.) (7%). About the need for more information on the drug reported by 61% of participants after 10 days, and 51% after 1 month. "The most urgent problem of nonadherence, drug therapy is not well understood... you May need a new service that would be observed for patients with the start of drug therapy and, if necessary, change the mode of the past", according to the researchers.

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