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Human papilloma virus infection

Human papilloma virus infectionPapilloma virus infection,as well as genital herpes and HIV/AIDS refers to viral sexually transmitted infections. Today, medicine has no cure that can remove papillomavirus from the human body that gives doctors the right to say that this disease is not curable. However, there are medications and methods to remove warts. At the moment we know more than 70 types of human papillomavirus. Viruses 6, 11, 42, 43 and 44 types cause genital warts of the vulva, perineum and cervix, as well as respiratory papillomatosis. Types of virus 16, 18, 31, 45 may cause cancer of the cervix. Genital warts have been known since ancient times. Physicians of Ancient Greece gave it the name "condylomas, or genital warts. To identify human papillomavirus learned in the late 60s of this century, after the discovery of electron microscopy. The same period marked the unstoppable spread of the disease on the planet. In the mid-70s medical scientists believed that approximately 1.2% of the Earth's inhabitants are infected with human papillomavirus. Recent data indicate that each 6 Earthman has papillomavirus. It all starts with sexual contact with a carrier of the virus - a few minutes of sensual pleasure and... after a few months on delicate and sensitive skin female genitalia: labia, vagina, cervix, around the external opening of the urethra or anus (all depends on the ingenuity in intimate pastimes), grow small, soft, white warts on a thin stem. In addition, women appear Beli - watery discharge from the genital tract, which are characterized by an unpleasant odor. Strong floor rarely suffers from warts. As a rule, the disease runs in men with no symptoms, and only if the reduced immunity warts thickly dotting the trunk and head men of the plunger, sometimes the testicles and perineum skin. But if a man feels and behaves like a lady, HPV can "bloom" and in the anus. More time passes and gentle and innocent warts grow, turning into education, reminiscent of the views of its comb of a rooster or cauliflower. Transforming HPV greatly complicate the life of the patient: they get to go, when acts of love torn, causing pain and bleeding, making it difficult, to a certain extent, sex. Then the patient comes to the doctor, who prescribes pills and injections", strengthen the immune system or burns these formations by a laser beam or liquid nitrogen. After such treatment of warts is not a trace remains. Complications: if Genesis we would be arranged too easy, you will agree, not worth to live! Therefore, epic with genital warts continues. In the removal of warts can cause bleeding. Patients cannot live sexual life, because they interfere with warts. Joint research Cancer Research Center. Blokhin and German colleagues (the research is conducted by Dr. Kiselev Acting) proved that with the defeat of cervical papilloma virus 16, 18, 31, 45 may occur malignant tumor, cervical carcinoma, affecting mainly sexually active women aged 20-30 years. 16 and 18 virus subtypes may contribute to the malignancy of the genital warts. This happens transparently, a tumor of the cervix until a certain time does not show itself. And our dear, beloved, darling women get to a specialist oncologist already with advanced stage disease and often "burn" from cancer for 1-2 years. Digression: it hurts me to see how ignorant Russians on the question of the functioning of their reproductive organs. For example, I can understand the women of the Caucasus, where religion and culture are deliberately limited sexual knowledge women, but ladies from the Central regions of Russia? I, as a representative of the stronger sex, it is difficult to understand the psychology of a woman who goes to the doctor when you are already unbearable: splits the tumor or because of genital warts sexual life becomes impossible, the doctor would be happy to help, but help nothing. I don't understand men, who seeing that the health of their women is not OK, not even insist that my favorite was examined. There are true and the opposite cases, when a woman found some pathology in any did not want to be tested, referring to the fact that he was afraid of possible outcomes. And how many of You women, half-yearly visit to the gynecologist and pass the appropriate tests? American experts suggest that during oral sex with a patient with genital warts can affect the vocal cords and larynx, and to experience respiratory papillomatosis. Pregnancy: During pregnancy physiologically in women is reduced immunity, which may be a risk factor for the formation of genital warts in women previously infected with the human papilloma virus. If women in pregnancy and childbirth in the genital tract have genital warts, then delivery may be infected child with the subsequent development of respiratory papillomatosis, i.e., genital warts grow on the vocal cords, in the nasal cavity. A woman with an active manifestations should give birth in obstetric conditions of the second (observational branch). Depending on the location and number of warts, the doctor may recommend either a delivery by cesarean section or normal delivery path with disinfection generic ways polyvidone GOM. Diagnosis: the Scraping of the affected area on the human papilloma virus by PCR or cytological examination. Treatment: the Destruction of warts by laser or liquid nitrogen treatment, strengthen the immune system. There are special drugs to treat genital warts: Solkoderm company "Solco Basel". The drug is a solution of organic acid and nitrate of copper in nitric acid. Designed for outdoor use. Solkoderm has a cauterizing effect. Acid included in the composition of the drug, coagulated (roll) contacting the proteins papillomatosis growths with their subsequent mummification. Mummified the scab falls off spontaneously after a few days or weeks. The preparation is applied by a doctor or specially trained nursing staff. A second drug - immunomodulator mestnogo action - aldara (imiquimod / imiquimod).

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