Cannabis cures multiple sclerosis

Cannabis cures multiple sclerosisThe study of drugs based on cannabis, have shown that they can ease the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. The experiment was attended by more than 600 patients, also showed that patients become more mobile. For several years many patients with multiple sclerosis argue that Smoking marijuana helps them alleviate some of the symptoms. According to them, hemp eliminates painful spasms and tension in the muscles, making any movement very difficult, as well as from yeast in the body and problems with the bladder. The study was conducted under the auspices of the British medical research Council. Before scientists had a specific purpose: to confirm or refute patients about the effects of cannabis. To participate were recruited 657 persons, patients with multiple sclerosis suffer from overstrain of muscles. Some patients taking the extract of cannabis that contains all the chemical elements marijuana. Others were given a synthetic copy of a basic element of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol. And some patients received placebo. The degree of tension of the muscles of each patient were measured before and during the 14-week experiment. The doctors were also interested in the experiences of patients. The scientists also measured the time during which the patients had received a certain distance, in order to monitor the possible effects of drugs on the overall mobility of patients. It was found that the indicators of tension of the muscles has improved slightly even in those patients who received active treatment. Slightly improved mobility among those who took these drugs. But when the researchers asked patients about their feelings, those who took medicines based on cannabis, said that I feel much better. They eased the pain, reduced cramps and muscle tension, and they began to sleep better. The researchers concluded that, despite the small number of objective evidence of the positive physical effects of cannabis on patients with multiple sclerosis, drugs based on it can be clinically useful in combating some of the symptoms of this disease. A charitable organization that helps patients with multiple sclerosis, welcomed the results of the study. Modern drugs based on marijuana does not lead to narcotic intoxication, because the active narcotic substances in them is either not present or present in much smaller doses than in the drug.

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