the cure for obesity is not there yet

the cure for obesity is not there yetToday, as stated by the scientists, there is no effective and safe drugs against obesity. However, this disease is curable. Conventional medicine considers the basic ways of treatment diet, exercise and surgery, and medications considered as a complement to these methods. While there is active work on such drugs, and possibly "tablet from obesity" 'll save the world from many chronic diseases, if not hurt as well as its predecessors. The last "pharmacological boom" in this area occurred in 1996, when the U.S. Department of control of food and drug products (FDA) - the most authoritative licensing authority in the world is allowed to use fenfluramine - a drug that causes a feeling of satiety and suppressing appetite. Prior to that, no cure for obesity was not approved by the office on protjagenii 25 years. The fate of fenfluramine can be understood by looking at other "freaky Glossary of Runet. Is there a name for this drug, along with amphetamine is a transcript of "dryer". A year after legalization in 1997, FDA advised manufacturers to voluntarily withdraw from the sale of this substance substances. Not more fortunate fate early preparations for weight reduction. The first of these was the extract of the thyroid gland, which began to be applied to reduce weight in 1893. Took it, of course, shed unwanted pounds, but at the cost of their health. The fact that the excess of hormones of a thyroid gland or hyperthyroidism increases the metabolic rate, leads to neurosis, tremor, sweating and ocular pathology, as in graves ' disease. In 1933 weight started to apply dinitrophenol. Usually this substance is used in agriculture as a herbicide and an insecticide, and is now physicians to toxic substances. Poisoning by dinitrophenol leads to disruption of cellular respiration. The body tries to compensate by increasing the delivery of oxygen to the organs, which leads to elevated temperature and pressure, shortness of breath. To compensate for the damage caused by poisoning, also the decomposition of fat. In 1937 a new "magic pill" has become amphetamine. This drug (now it belongs to such as were previously sold in pharmacies without a prescription), which acts as a psychostimulant and simultaneously increases physical activity, contributing to increased energy consumption. When this hunger is not worried. Later amphetamine began to combine with other substances, such as diuretics (diuretics), and then banned altogether. What happened to hudeuschimi using amphetamine, can be seen in the film "Requiem for a dream". Because of the severe side effects in 1971 was banned and the other psychostimulant - Aminorex. A few years ago, as mentioned above, also banned fenfluramine and phentermine. Despite serious side effects, the creation of tools for weight loss continues. Moreover, so far we are working on drugs that increase energy and suppress appetite (anorecticly). Now to the application of approved only one drug in this class - sibutramine (Reductil"). There are many diets, among which are those that completely exclude from the diet necessary products. Such diets are no safer "magic pill". Simply put, the diet is good. Only good should be in moderation, and do not give up food entirely, as it only requires a small negative energy balance. The most effective way, according to doctors, are physical exercises in combination with proper nutrition. This allows you to lose weight, and the pounds don't come back with time. For some forms of obesity is the most effective surgical treatment. However, in order not to gain weight again after surgery to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With regard to popular dietary supplements, it is often their effect is explained by the presence of prohibited substances, which are described above. This is confirmed by the results of border checks Mednovosti.

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