Nicotine helps to fight sepsis

Nicotine helps to fight sepsisAmerican scientists have shown in mice that nicotine improves the outcome of sepsis is a severe reaction to the spread of the infection throughout the body. Acting like a mediator nervous system acetylcholine, nicotine inhibits the production of a specific protein associated with the development of sepsis. Inflammation is a protective reactions of an organism, designed to fight infection. The strengthening and weakening of the inflammation is controlled by the nervous system using substances called neurotransmitters. In sepsis, when the infection spreads throughout the body, inflammation is out of control. When this begins to produce a specific protein HMGB1, under whose influence the inflammation is amplified even more. The mediator of the nervous system acetylcholine inhibits HMGB1 and thereby contributes to the treatment of sepsis. Scientific tests have demonstrated that nicotine acts like acetylcholine, but its action is more selective. Nicotine itself gives a number of side effects and therefore to ensure unsuitable. Currently, researchers are looking for a replacement for him on the basis of which you will be able to create a drug for the treatment of sepsis. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery (Russian text

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