Pain in the heart Angina

Pain in the heart AnginaThat is typical for heart pain caused by angina? The most important aspect in the treatment of angina is severe pain attacks. Painful attack of angina pectoris is characterized by a squeezing pain in the chest, which may occur either after exercise (angina) or at rest (angina at rest). The pain lasts for a few minutes and removed with the help of nitroglycerin. As docked angina? To relieve the attack shows the use of nitroglycerin (2-3 drops of 1% alcoholic solution or tablets 0.0005 g). The drug must be absorbed into the mucous membrane of the mouth, so it should be placed under the tongue. Nitroglycerin causes vasodilation of the upper half of the body and the coronary vessels. If the effectiveness nitroglycerin pain pass through for 2-3 minutes. If after a few minutes after taking the drug the pain persists, you can take it again. What complications are possible when taking nitroglycerin? The patient should be warned that sometimes after nitroglycerin have the feeling of raspisanie in the head and headache. Reflex extension of the coronary arteries causes and validol, which is also absorbed in the mucous membrane of the mouth and apply 3-5 drops or tablets. How are avoided by a strong and prolonged pain in angina? With a strong lingering pain can be administered intravenously, 1 ml of 1% morphine solution with 20 ml of 40% glucose solution. The infusion is produced slowly. Given that severe persistent angina may be the beginning of a myocardial infarction, in cases when it is required intravenous narcotic analgesics, to prevent thrombosis should with morphine (in same syringe) intravenously 5000-10000 IU of heparin. Analgesic effect of intramuscular injection of 2 ml of 50% solution of dipyrone. Sometimes its use helps reduce dose narcotic analgesics, as analgin enhances their effect. Sometimes a good analgesic effect of the application of mustard to the heart area. Skin irritation this causes a reflex extension of the coronary arteries and improves blood flow to the myocardium. What medications are used to prevent strokes? In order to achieve a stable expansion of coronary arteries and prevent strokes, appoint nitrite long-term actions (sustak, used orally in tablets 2.6 mg and 6.4 mg). Good vasodilator, in particular koronarorasshiryayuschee, action has papaverine applied intramuscularly with 2 ml of 2% solution or intravenously with 20 ml of 40% glucose solution. Especially effective intravenous papaverine in the moment of pain. Aminophylline intravenously (10 ml 2.4% solution with 10 ml of 40% glucose solution) is also good in relieving spasm of the coronary arteries and thus eliminates the pain. Normally, blood pressure decreases, and therefore aminophylline shown, the combination of acute coronary insufficiency and hypertension, especially at the time of hypertensive crisis with coronary insufficiency. If you are unable to make intravenous injection of aminophylline can be injected intramuscularly (1 ml of 24 % solution with 1-2 ml of 2% solution of novocaine, because intramuscular injection of aminophylline very painful). The use of aminophylline intravenously with low blood pressure are contraindicated. How to distinguish from angina pain cardiac neurosis? In the differential diagnosis of angina should be distinguished pain cardiac neurosis kardiologicheskie" neuroses by G. F. lang). Pain with nervousness almost never have a clear protopopescu, are not associated with physical activity, often are whining or pricking in nature, are located in the apex of the heart. Pain, appear gradually, to last for hours, sometimes for days, keeping monotonous in nature and does not substantially affecting the General condition of the patient. Characterized by an unusual variety of patient complaints, excessive brilliance describe them pain. The effect of nitroglycerin or sedatives in these patients in most cases vague. Usually the pain removed after 20-30 minutes after taking the drug. Good results give Valerian preparations, Lily of the valley, the bromides. How to distinguish from angina chest pain other etiology? Angina also have to differentiate with chest pain pleural origin, intercostal neuralgia. It should be remembered that often the pain of the type of angina is caused by diseases of the digestive system. Such pain is marked hernia hiatal, diverticula of the esophagus, cancer of the gastric cardia..

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