Caring for fine hair

Caring for fine hairThe fleece is in fashion again, but not very useful for hair. If you do a NAP every day, but only sometimes, then against it, no objections. Just fine, soft hair he gives the desired elasticity. You should not necesitate the entire length of hair, from root to tip, because this hair soon starts to split and lose their natural Shine. Necesitate hair only at the base. Make sure to not form plica. Now pay attention to how it is done. Hair tease, starting with the Foundation of the strands. With short hair you can necesitate section by section. Lush curls or whipped highly nachisuyutsya at the base and only in some places. Helps also so-called "volume shampoo". Be careful in the use of release: overdose hair becomes hard and solid, and do not look natural. Use the tabs that are designed specifically for fine hair. The latch thin film envelops each hair, making it more elastic. When drying hair dryer, use the latch and the hair will stay even if you have fine hair! A large amount of hair gives the correct technique of drying your hair. If any haircut excluding long wave, produces a good effect in this way: aim the Hairdryer "against the grain", i.e. dry and comb the hair from one ear to another, from the nape of the neck forward. In order hairstyle took definite shape, hair, strand by strand, comb round brush. Start from the nape of the neck and takesabout strands from the Foundation of the "against the grain". Brush-dryer should long be left in the hair, as thin and soft hair is very sensitive and quickly estocada. Try not to abuse spiky hair dryers and brushes..

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