Status light depends on the time of day

Status light depends on the time of dayThe condition of the lungs, even a perfectly healthy person not constant - it varies continuously throughout the day. Best light work in the evening, worst of all - around noon. According to researchers from the medical center long island, these cyclic changes in the lung condition caused by the same mechanisms that underlie the so-called circadian rhythms - daily changes of almost all processes in the body. Circadian rhythms regulate the processes of sleep, wakefulness, determine the level of human activity in a certain period of time, the condition of its metabolism. It turns out that in this list you can enable the status of the respiratory system. According to scientists, they discovered cyclical changes in the functional activity of the lungs are important for everyday life and for medicine. "Our findings suggest that, for example, the work associated with heavy physical loads should be performed in the evening, while during the day it is better to do something less time-consuming," said Dr. Boris Medarov, the head of this research. - Similarly, patients on mechanical ventilation, should be referred to the independent breath in the morning, as do most doctors, and in the evening, when their lungs are the most efficient.".

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