Carbon monoxide is useful for "cores""

Carbon monoxide is useful for In the UK developed a method of treatment of heart attacks and reduce the risk of rejection of organs after transplantation using carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is deadly in large doses, but a small amount of it prevent the rejection of organs after transplantation. Carbon monoxide allocates molecules РЎРћRM that the researchers used in water-soluble form РЎРћRM-3 for life-sustaining organs and reduce the risk of rejection. When heart attacks the cells of the heart muscle can be damaged or die from prolonged lack of oxygen. During the experiment, led by Dr. Roberto Motterlini, heart muscle cells grown in laboratory conditions, were deprived of oxygen for 24 hours to simulate a heart attack. In the cells grown with the use of a TUBER-3, have recovered faster than cells grown without the use of the drug. Researchers predict a great future with the new method, the range of which is much wider demonstrated capabilities. Medical Bulletin.

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