Preoperative preparation of patients with respiratory diseases

Preoperative preparation of patients with respiratory diseasesWhat are the General principles of preoperative preparation with the defeat of the respiratory system? In the preoperative preparation of diseases of the respiratory system major activities should be aimed at improvement of function of external respiration, reduction of inflammatory process or its liquidation, as well as reduced toxicity. In the treatment of respiratory failure, a special place is given to the oxygen therapy and breathing exercises. In the complex breathing exercises are included: 1). exercises for total relaxation; 2). special exercises for breathing (the movement of the ribs upward extension of the lateral parts of the chest and respiratory movements of the diaphragm); 3). controlling breathing and exercise. Medical training aimed at the improvement of respiratory function, includes assignment means salt and broncholytics. What features of the preoperative treatment of acute exacerbation of bronchitis? During exacerbations of chronic bronchitis prescribe expectorants medicine with thermopsis and potassium iodide. Effective inhalation solution of the proteolytic enzyme trypsin, which can be injected intramuscularly (0.005 g of trypsin dissolved in 2-3 ml of isotonic solution of sodium chloride and enter 1 time per day for 15-20 days). What are the characteristics of preoperative preparation in patients with bronchial asthma? In bronchial asthma, in addition to broncholytics, to improve the function of breathing designate antisense drugs (suprastin, diphenhydramine 0.05 g 3 happy day), tavegil, pipolphen 4 ml of 2.5% solution intramuscularly, inhalation alupenta. To eliminate or reduce the inflammatory process in the lungs by a doctor injected antibiotics: penicillin (250000 database every 4 hours), streptomycin (500000 IU 2 times a day for 5-7 days), kefzol (500 mg 4 times a day), and sulfa drugs: norsulfazol (1 g 4 times a day), sulfamonometoksin sulfadimetoksin. What are the characteristics of preoperative preparation in patients with suppurative lung disease? To reduce intoxication with suppurative lung diseases (lung abscesses and bronchiectasis) the most effective bronchoscopy with the reorganization of the bronchial tree, which produces the doctor in specially equipped rooms. This is the aspiration of sputum, followed by lavage of bronchus and introduction into the lumen of the solutions of antibiotics. Detoxification therapy involves injecting large amounts of fluid (blood, blood components, plasma, hydrolysates and physiological fluids) with the addition of cardiotonic drugs.

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