Open a new breast cancer gene

Open a new breast cancer geneOpen a new breast cancer gene A group of American scientists from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the University of Washington have identified a new gene is a tumor suppressor that is absent or inactive in 60% of cases of breast cancer, as well as modified with lung cancer. The gene, named DBC2 (deleted in breast cancer), apparently associated only with non-hereditary breast cancer observed in 90% of reported cases. Also, scientists were able to demonstrate that the polypeptide Dbc2, the protein product of the open gene stops the growth of cancer cells and can lead to the disappearance of the tumor. Researchers believe that their discovery will contribute to a better understanding of the causes of breast cancer and may help in the development of new methods of treatment. Article about the research appears in the journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences). Source: Bioinformatics.

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