Students will distinguish between iris

Students will distinguish between irisIn the United States began testing a new security system for secondary schools. Pilot program for the installation of security systems with biometric identification began in the school district Plumstead, state of new Jersey. The district consists of three schools, which are attended by about 1,800 children and adolescents. As a method of biometric identification uses iris scans. A visitor to the school must look at the camera attached around the front door. If the system detects that the door automatically opens. County Plumsted selected as the site for testing biometrics due to its remoteness from large cities. Most of the residents know each other in person, and people visiting the school, quite a bit. All test participants - parents, students and staff of the schools were divided into two groups. Members of the first group went through the procedure of scanning the retina and can log into the school, just by looking at the camera. Another group of control. Its members did not contribute to the database, and they have to show documents at the entrance. The developer of the school system of identification is the company's 21st Century Solutions. Test results in Plumsted it will draw conclusions about the feasibility of using security systems with the identification of the retina in other American schools. Will take into account the views of parents, teachers, and security experts. Currently, similar schemes have been implemented in other places. In particular, retinal scans used in airports and military organizations. How these systems are applicable in schools, had yet to find out. However, the school town of new Egypt is one of three schools in the district of Plumsted to the system reacted positively. Corpulenta.

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