The less You eat, the more you live

The less You eat, the more you liveThe less You eat, the more you live Low-calorie diet prolongs human life - to such conclusion the American scientists involved in gerontology, the science of old age. Perhaps the staff of the National health center located in new York, are on the verge of a great discovery. The results of experiments with monkeys, can be the answer to the question of how to extend the life of the person. All ingenious is simple and does not require sophisticated technologies: the less You eat the longer you live. The experiment continues for more than 15 years. One group of monkeys were fed normally. The calorie intake, the other was reduced by 30 percent. Undernourished animals lived much longer, and hurt less. It was found that monkeys who for 15 years consumed less food, remained beyond age-related ailments. Watching animals, scientists have noticed that when a low-calorie diet are the first to die of the so-called carcinogenic cells that cause cancer. This version has interested researchers. "This could become a sensation. If we can figure out what kind of substance that kills cancer cells, then the case for small - can be simply placed in a test tube and used as a medicine," they claim. A large amount of low-calorie food eliminates the feeling of hunger. Scientists do not recommend to go to extremes, but to refrain from overeating never hurt anyone. Isn't it worth it for the extra years of life to abandon couple slices of pizza? Источник and Madlena.Ru.

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