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medical Insurance for a month will make profitable

medical Insurance for a month will make profitableThe Russian government has decided to expedite the finalization of the draft law on mandatory health insurance, reports "Interfax". The document, as suggested by the Deputy Minister of economic development Mikhail Dmitriev, will allow us to 2008 to eliminate the deficit of the system by three sources: the Federal and regional budgets and the unified social tax. As reported by Dmitriev, one month later the law will be finally ready. During this period the government office to finalize the issues of co-financing of health services from the Federal budget, insurance of unemployed population in individual subjects of the Federation and the role of the unified social tax in the MHI. Also not yet decided how the insurance companies will be allowed to work in the system. According to the new law on local self-government, to participate in the system can count only Russian citizens, stateless persons may rely on it only if there were agreement on this matter with the state of the CIS," said Dmitriev.

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