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Preparing patients for x-ray study of the bronchi, trachea and chest

Preparing patients for x-ray study of the bronchi, trachea and chestHow is the preparation of the patient for bronhografii? Bronhografiya is an x-ray of bronchi and trachea using contrast agents. During preparation check the sensitivity of the patient to iodine preparations, exercise postural-tion bronchial drainage, prescribe expectorants, Bron-harashima funds antibiotics. Before the procedure subcutaneously injected atropine, if necessary, pipolphen, seduxen. What are the characteristics of the procedure? Bronchography performed under General anesthesia or local anesthesia. After treatment for 3 hours the patient is not given there. Catheters for administration of contrast medium is sterilized by boiling. How is x-ray examination of the chest? The chest examination (x-ray and x-ray) performed without special preparation of the patient. Method of photographing an x-ray image on film 7x7 10x10 cm or cm is called fluoro..

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