New disease "finger iPod" is rapidly spreading around the world

New disease British doctors warn about the emergence of a new disease, which they call "finger iPod". The syndrome of finger iPod" like pain that occasionally arise fans to send text messages from mobile phones and passionate fans of video games. The user controls the iPod, swiping his thumb over the sensitive wheel on the front panel. Some patients report pain in the brush, and sometimes about the difficulty of the movements of the elbow and neck. "Music devices are very popular, and owners of press tight little buttons with the same finger, repeating the same movement," said Carl Irwin of the British Association of manual therapy. - The essence of modern technology suggests that such devices will become less and less, and I wouldn't be surprised if the corresponding damage to hands and fingers will be the most common form of the syndrome, repetitive movements". Similar problems have already been recorded among fans SMS: doctors say that text messaging has overtaken the traditional set in the list of causes of syndrome from repetitive motions. The British company annual loss of 5.4 million workdays missed by employees because of the pain syndrome caused by repetitive movements. Manufacturer of iPods Apple Computer refused to comment on these statements, but because in the world there are millions of owners of iPods and the pace of sales is growing weekly, experts recommend buyers to reasonably use player. "The best prevention is exercise for the muscles of the hand, which supports circulation and breaks the monotony of the movements," said Irwin. - It is also useful to change the fingers with which you control the player". The Guardian (Russian text

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