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to Unravel the secrets of cancer will help the volcanoes

to Unravel the secrets of cancer will help the volcanoesScottish scientists announced the beginning of an unusual research whose aim is the study of the mechanism of development of malignant tumors. Unusually it is primarily the fact that the objects for study, the researchers chose: primitive arthropods that live in the craters of volcanoes and other "extreme" dwellings. Your choice of the researchers explain very simply. In order to survive in conditions of high temperatures, organisms must have a powerful recovery systems genetic information, or they simply die from fatal mutations. As well as DNA and the genetic code is universal for all living beings, then, studying the protective systems of these high-temperature organisms, it is possible to study how human cells are protected from mutations leading to cancer development. Thus the fact that the genome of these arthropods consists of only 3000 genes, while the human genome presents 30 thousands of genes, according to scientists, plays virtually no role.

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Women with a uterus were given progestin in combination with estrogen, a practice known to prevent endometrial cancer. In both hormone therapy studies, women were randomly assigned to either the hormone medication being studied or to placebo.

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