The less You eat, the more you live

The less You eat, the more you liveThe less You eat, the more you live Low-calorie diet prolongs human life - to such conclusion the American scientists involved in gerontology, the science of old age. Perhaps the staff of the National health center located in new York, are on the verge of a great discovery. The results of experiments with monkeys, can be the answer to the question of how to extend the life of the person. All ingenious is simple and does not require sophisticated technologies: the less You eat the longer you live. The experiment continues for more than 15 years. One group of monkeys were fed normally. Читать полностью -->

Area leader in Russia for the death rate from alcohol poisoning

Area leader in Russia for the death rate from alcohol poisoningThe Moscow region took the first place in Russia in mortality from poisoning the poor-quality alcohol - 2002 fixed 1911 deaths from such poisoning, reports RIA "Novosti". It became known on Monday at a joint meeting of the Executive state authorities of Moscow and Moscow region in the regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products. As noted at the meeting that last year the country produced a third more synthetic technical ethanol than in 2001. However, the solutions and emulsions based on it was made by 30 percent less. Manufacture of denatured alcohol from food raw materials increased by almost 2.5 times. This denaturirovannykh alcohol was produced only a third more. Читать полностью -->

The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean dietThe Mediterranean diet Mediterranean cuisine is the perfect example of a balanced and varied diet. With the help of the Cretan diet You will be able to move the arrow to the weights off the ground. The secret of this diet is very simple. You limit the consumption of olive oil, honey and starch-containing foods and start to lose weight. In addition, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol. The principles of the diet A slice of fresh bread or cereals - Breakfast, cooked or raw vegetables for lunch and dinner. Читать полностью -->

Students will distinguish between iris

Students will distinguish between irisIn the United States began testing a new security system for secondary schools. Pilot program for the installation of security systems with biometric identification began in the school district Plumstead, state of new Jersey. The district consists of three schools, which are attended by about 1,800 children and adolescents. As a method of biometric identification uses iris scans. A visitor to the school must look at the camera attached around the front door. If the system detects that the door automatically opens. Читать полностью -->

Open a new breast cancer gene

Open a new breast cancer geneOpen a new breast cancer gene A group of American scientists from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the University of Washington have identified a new gene is a tumor suppressor that is absent or inactive in 60% of cases of breast cancer, as well as modified with lung cancer. The gene, named DBC2 (deleted in breast cancer), apparently associated only with non-hereditary breast cancer observed in 90% of reported cases. Also, scientists were able to demonstrate that the polypeptide Dbc2, the protein product of the open gene stops the growth of cancer cells and can lead to the disappearance of the tumor. Researchers believe that their discovery will contribute to a better understanding of the causes of breast cancer and may help in the development of new methods of treatment. Article about the research appears in the journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences). Source: Bioinformatics. Читать полностью -->

the Woman who was transplanted face, pleased with the result

 the Woman who was transplanted face, pleased with the result38-year-old French woman, who became famous after she had an operation on transplantation of facial tissues, and a nose and chin (eat your own dog) stated that it was satisfied with the result. "It is incredible to see again the nose and chin on my face. I recognized myself in the mirror," said she. At the same time, according to her, she still can't feel my face. Doctors have said that it will take from six months to a year. "Now, I want to live a normal life and don't want me consistently demonstrated. Читать полностью -->

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